Sustainable Scouts

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We talk a lot about sustainability at 7Sisters, but that's only one way we want to make a difference. We also want to support causes that we believe in, by providing a free meeting space (just contact us if you're interested!), sharing resources, and promoting groups and causes. All with a delicious beer in hand.

The Girl Scouts of America are an organization that helps empower women from a young age. With Girl Scout Cookie season just beginning, we thought this would be a great opportunity to help an organization that has helped so many others. On Tues, Feb 6 we are having a Beer & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing event at the brewery. For $5, we will pair Girl Scout Cookies with your flight of beers.  

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During the event we will also be selling boxes of all your favorite cookies on behalf of a local scout through our Point of Sale system (credit and debit cards accepted!). All box proceeds go to the Girl Scouts, and we will also donate a portion of the cookie/beer pairing proceeds to the scouts.  

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Ever wonder where all that cookie money goes? Girl Scouts of America contracts directly with two bakers in the US, so no middlepeople. After paying 20% to the baker for making and transporting the cookies, about 20% goes to the local troop, and the rest goes to the national program for campground upgrades, volunteer training, low income assistance, program development, and organizational administration.

So come by and try our cookie/beer pairings and pick up a bunch of boxes for friends (you know, the ones that can't wait for the Samoas to come back every year), and help out an organization truly worthy of your assistance.

- Steve

More about the Beer & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Event: